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If you're a married, Christian couple who longs for a more life-giving, joy-filled marriage where you feel supported by and connected to your spouse, while having more fun together, we can show you how!


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Dear husband and wife,


There is no better time than NOW to create a roadmap for your Remarkable Marriage. Yours is a unique and therefore remarkable story and we want you to enjoy it to its fullest.

Don’t feel like your relationship has exactly been thriving lately? No worries! Join us and learn how to impact your marriage and by extension all your circles of influence through simple, bite-sized activities for building intimacy and connection.

Now – more than ever – the world needs strong marriages.

Don’t let your marriage become another painful statistic. Don't sit idly by as your dreams for a fulfilling relationship with your spouse fade away when you open your eyes.

You are worth it. Your spouse is worth it. Your marriage is worth it. Now is the time.


Rooting for your marriage,
Cosmo and Suzi Raines


– more than ever –

the world needs

strong marriages.


Harness the growth mindset mentality to animate and foster growth in your Remarkable Marriage

Explore your particular personality and discover how it merges with and complements your spouse’s

Inspire deep heart connection and sincere openness through mutual vulnerability and trust

Listen for understanding and say what’s truly important to you to infuse your conversations with clarity and blessing

Confront conflict with confidence and certainty that you will uncover a mutually beneficial solution

Demolish old, negative patterns in your marriage and replace them with habits that show your spouse love in action

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Gustavo & Lisette

"We're using the things we learned to talk through tough situations with good results."

Tad & Amy

"They were masterful at giving the subject matter a new twist - we got a perspective change."

David & Robin

"Wow, LOVE IT!!! Great quality & content. The videos are interesting & fun."

Tony & Melissa

"They encouraged gentle, yet deep conversation to reveal our hearts' needs to our spouse."

Jason & Mandy

"Through all the many practical exercises we learned to love our spouse better and more effectively."

Dom & Kathleen

"They helped open lines of communication between us and how we communicate with others."


We created Remarkable Marriage because we love to talk to people about ways to create, foster, and maintain awesome relationships. We believe that an exceptional relationship with an unshakable foundation anchored in Jesus Christ frees us to soar through the adventurous lives for which we were created.

Cosmo is a serial entrepreneur who can’t help but invent things to make people’s lives better. He’s come up with creative ideas ranging from products (like exercise and therapy equipment) to personal development concepts (like our marriage storytime technique).

Suzi is a writer who has written everything from just-for-fun novels to product brochures to much of the content in our courses. She’s also the cleaning, organizing, and administrative partner in our marriage.

Focus + Commitment + Consistency = Transformation


We're super excited about our 7 Days of Micro Date Nights! 

Not only is is FREE, but it also helps you and your spouse commit to setting aside daily time to build connection and intimacy. As you participate in the fresh, simple, powerful activities, you will transform your marriage from whatever it is today into something truly remarkable.

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